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WSF Remittance FAQ Questions

1. What is WSF Remit?

Wall Street Finance (Canada) Ltd. is a Toronto-based company who offers money transfer service through affiliated agents. For more information on Wall Street Finance, please visit:

WSF Remit is an online service that allows clients to send money transfers globally, anytime, through their computer or mobile device.

2. Who can transfer money with WSF Remit?
3. How do I transfer money online using WSF Remit?
4. Which countries can I send money to?
5. When will the funds be available to my recipient?
6. How do I find out the exchange rate for a specific currency?
7. Can I be sure my money will arrive safely?
8. What are the charges associated with money transfers through WSF Remit?
9. Which payout methods are available for the beneficiary to receive money?
10. What are the minimum and maximum amounts that can be sent through WSF Remit?
11. Why do I need to verify my identity before making transactions over $990.00 CAD?
12. How do I verify my identity with Wall Street Finance?
13. How do I verify my identity with Wall Street Finance if my account has already been created?
14. What is considered a valid ID?
15. How do I track my previous transactions through WSF Remit?
16. What locations can the beneficiary receive the payment from?
17. How does the beneficiary collect the money?
18. What Reference Number should I provide to my recipient to collect the payment?
19. Are there any charges deducted from the recipient?
20. How do I cancel a transaction?
21. How do I obtain a refund for a cancelled transaction?
22. Where can I get help using WSFRemit?
23. What if I want to transfer money but don't want to do so online?

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